Friday, January 27, 2017

One North Beauty Kailijumei Original Lipstick with Infused Flower Inside...

4.5/5**** STARS 
Wish the mirror was better!

I decided to purhase this lipstick because it has been buzzing all over social media! I wanted to try it out!

So what is it? It is a new lipstick created by the brand Kailijumei. It is clear in the tube with gold flakes, jelly and a tiny flower.  It constains candelila resin, cocoa butter, beeswax and lavendar oil. 

Pros: Great Packaging! It comes in a box with a small plastic protector. Most likely will not be damaged during shipping. 
It has a unique way of opening it. You push on the red bottom, and it pops out!
The color changes slightly- you can see this in the video I posted-it slowly starts to change- but not dramatically. 
It keeps my lips very moist. 
It has a very light tint. 

The mirror is not clear. ****REASON FOR 4.5 STARS**** (Makes me wonder if this is counterfit?) 
The name "flame red" isn't really accurate. It is more of a pinkish color. 

I would purchase this again to try in other colors. However I am a little concerned about the cost. After doing a little digging the brand has been sold out for a while and they sell it for $30. So this cost makes me wonder if it is the real thing... thoughts? Would love for a comment from the seller and or manufacturer.  

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