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Beauty By Earth Part I Self Tanning

Beauty by Earth 

Video Coming Soon! Waiting on my order to arrive! 

Part 1: The Self Tanning Lotion: Application/Pros/Cons/Tips

**** 5/5 Stars EXCEPTIONAL

I fell in with Beauty by Earth when I was being compensated for reviews by trying their products. The first product I tried was their Self Tanner purchased on Dec. 31st, 2015. Do you have a life? It was New Year's Eve! Yes! I ordered it in the AM not PM. 

In my lifetime, I have probably tried well over 30 different types of self tanners. THIS is my favorite of all time! Sure-you got a huge promotion code! Was it free? No- it was 75% off. BUT WHO CARES?! I now buy it at cost on the Beauty by Earth website and Amazon! And have been reordering them AT COST! I love it! I have probably gone through about 5 bottles in a year. 

Amazon removed my review of this Self Tanner because of their new Terms of Service concerning promotions and reviews. I've learned a lot in a year when it comes to using this product. So I am excited to make a how-to video for you once UPS shows up! I'm exfoliated and ready to go! But in the meantime-read on! 

Amazon Prime Member? Buy it from them on Amazon.

psst...subscribe and save 15% or check out their offers for ordering multiple products!

The second I start to run low on this product-I order another one! Now I have it on subscribe and save with Amazon. (But also ordered Same Day because I NEED IT!) If I go a week-2 weeks without reapplying people assume I am sick because I look pale-they are use to me looking dark. When it is on-I get so many compliments from the girl at Sams, "You are so pretty. Like, oh my god, you really are! Do lay by the pool all day?" to friends, "When did you go to the beach?" to my own therapist, "You must have been out in the sun! You look great!" It looks natural on me. 

You said, "dark!" I don't want to be dark! I want to be tan! What is great about this is that YOU have control over how much you put on! Through the course of 2016 I played around with it. See for yourself!

No product! I can't even show my whole face!

Applied lightly to face and neck-no make up.

Photo taken a week after three days of applying lightly.
Applied generously (one day) to face and neck with makeup.

Applied to whole body (everyday for a week)-darkest I ever got with this tanner. 

I have an olive/yellow skin undertone. But I don't! Will I get the same results as you? TRY IT! Do a little test somewhere-don't like it? This is copied from their website: If you’re not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 30 days – HASSLE FREE and we will refund the original purchase price of the product. But just look at the review pictures on amazon. There is your proof! 

Why are you so excited to share this with everyone? I was prepped and ready to apply it today and nothing came out of the bottle! EMPTY! I just ordered one day shipping from Amazon! My poor roommate (male) listened to me rant about how much I love this company and how impressed I am with their growth, products and customer service for 30 minutes. I need to tell the world-not HIM! He likes his pale look. It does look good on him. Just the fact that I am freaking out (knowing it is on the way) tells me it is a good product! Stop buying chemical filled, stinky, orange tanner! 

What about the mess of applying? What about streaking? What about staining? I know you are wondering all of these things- because I ask myself these questions each time I try a new self tanner! I've tried (and switch it up) 3 different ways of applying (and will address the streaking and staining) below. 

1. Applying with my bare hands. 
Pros: I can FEEL it being evenly applied (even though when you first put it on it is white-so you know where you are getting coverage). I can get very precise on my face with just my finger tips. IT SMELLS GOOD. It doesn't smell like other tanners-if you are familiar there is a distinct chemical smell with non-organic self tanners- this DOES NOT HAVE THAT! IT SMELLS YUMMY! 
Cons: It takes awhile to dry if you use a lot. I tend to stand in front of a fan (Tip-long hair users-put that hair in a bun!) to help speed up the process. I go into detail about this in Number 2 Con List. If you don't wash your hands-YUP- OOMPA LOOMPA orange TRUMP hair orange hands, wrists, palms, between fingers, under finger nails. If you do wash your hands-you have pale hands and naturally glowing tan arms-looks weird. I figured out a technique-take lotion from somewhere on your body that hasn't completed absorbed, using the BACK of a hand-rub the backs of your hands together (after you washed them-avoid getting it between your fingers. Not perfect. But it works. 

I learned to wash BETWEEN MY FINGERS!
That look was hard to explain to people.

2. Applying with Latex Gloves
Pros: Great if you are in a hurry! Don't worry about washing your hands! (But pale back of hands? Try technique mentioned in Number One above.) Latex gloves are not porous. Meaning, the lotion will not be wasted! It is going on my skin until it is completely off of that glove. Really? What can I say? I don't like to waste! 
Cons: When I am in a hurry- I miss places on my legs-so I end up using 3 pairs of gloves! HA! I can't actually feel the lotion-so I feel like I have limited control over rough spots-knees, elbows, dry patches. Not quite as accurate as applying with my bare hands. Again, takes a while to dry. I usually give myself a good 20 minutes (Really?- YUP) before putting on light colored clothing-especially white (I wait even longer.) Granted- I usually apply it generously after a year of learning how to do it.
However, I live in a humid climate-so if I step outside after that waiting period and it is 80 degrees with 80% humidity-I SWEAT-and I tend to find nice little tan patches in random places such as a friend's car (*sorry*), a door or wall (hey-I'm clumsy)! 

I tend to treat it like a spray tan just a lot cheaper! Tips: Don't go in the rain after apply, don't shower after applying, don't SWEAT after applying, don't wear light colored clothing-which by the way- it washes out- don't worry!
This happened with the latex glove.
I now clean and blend that area better so it doesn't look like this!

3. Applying with the Tanning Applicator Mitts 

Pros: The bundle includes-Body Applicator Mitt, Face Applicator Mitt and Exfoliator Mitt. This helps apply the lotion evenly-although I feel like an expert at this point. A major pro: CLEAN HANDS! (But pale back of hands? Try technique mentioned in Number One above.) Haves wrinkles or rolls in your skin? Don't lie! I do! This really helps my neck area-if I tilt my chin a certain angle while it dries and absorbs-I get weird lines. "What is that? A scratch? What happened?" Ugh. Therefore, avoid embarrassing questions! It is helpful with streaks correcting mistakes! 
Pro/Con? It absorbs a lot of the lotion; I never get as dark when compared to the previous two methods and I like dark! I wonder how much of the product I am wasting...... By the time I am done the mitt is heavy and soaked. User error? Are you using too much product? Great Question! NO CLUE.
 Pro: It dries and absorbs faster. Con: I'm not as dark. Pro: I'm not as dark. 
Get it? Depends what you are looking for. 
Pro: The face applicator is great. I tend to use it for fixing mistakes-like picture above on my wrist-it helps blend it into areas so it looks more natural. 

Wait a minute! You are wearing makeup in most of those photos of yourself! You bet I am! It only takes about 10-15 minutes for it to dry enough to apply liquid or powder base. I have not yet tried it with BareMinerals-I know how important that PrimeTime is to the application. I will test it out and let you know! But here is what it looks like with these brands: 

Bottom line-don't sun bathe. Hello cancer.
Buy this NATURAL SELF TANNING LOTION! At least try it. Trust me- I've tried them all. Hello credit card debt. 

And you don't have to be a freak like me! Need it just for a special occasion? Still cheaper than a spray tan!


I really love this company. Really. Check them out. Organic. Natural. MY FACE DOESN'T BREAK OUT! YAY! Nontoxic ingredients. Must be a connection there, huh?! I could gush over this company forever!

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