Friday, January 27, 2017

jawbone Up3 Review

5/5 STARS *****

I want to start off by saying that, NO-this is not a verified review because I purchased it off another site. But I was shocked at how low the reviews were on here. I wish I would have purchased it from amazon because it is MUCH CHEAPER! Watch my video-and read what I think. it might give you some more insight!

I am not being paid or compensated what so ever for these written words (my opinion) or the video.

This is an excellent tracker. I purchased it because I was in desperate need of motivation to MOVE. I love that it has a "duel" component in the app-HUGE MOTIVATOR. It is easy to charge. It is easy to put on and take off. YOU CAN WEAR IT IN THE SHOWER! HELLO! and it isn't big and chunky like some "others". It vibrates for reminders you might want, or alerts. It will stay charged for a full week-and doesn't take long to fully charge. I really wanted something simple-and I found it. So much so- I have convinced my roommate to buy one (before he does his own research of course. hahaha).

Helpful hints: (A lot of this came from this great article)
-Wear on your non-dominant hand.
-Watch youtube videos for the best way to put it on your wrist.
-There are actually two different UP apps in the App Store and Google Play, it's clear which one to download for your specific tracker, but they both offer a similar set of features and functions.
-Pair it with your dog's tracker! Sounds silly-but think about the motivation! (hint-but an active dog!)
-***Keep it tight*** (not too tight)-I wear mine closest to my elbow with bracelettes above it. You want to make sure the sensors are touching the skin at all times.
-I've heard some people wear it around their ankle-especially if you are working in an environment where you use your arms a lot (I'm thinking a teacher/mover/delivery
--Keep the orginal packaging in case you do need to return it or exchange it. Makes it so much easier.
-Even though you can take it in the shower- the warranty will not cover water damage-so maybe don't take that risk.

I compared it to the bella beat and it tracks my steps more accurately (using my iphone as a calibrator).

Hope this helps!

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