Wednesday, January 11, 2017

BBE Boar Bristle Brush

*****5 Stars!

I purchased this brush because I have been shampooing my hair less often- and I want my hair to look shiny and smooth! (View my video for specifics about why I have been shampooing less often.)

This is a great brush! I have purchased Boar brushes before. What I didn't like about previous brushes: too expensive, not easy to handle, and they only skimmed the top layer of my hair.

I love this brush because: it is within my price range, makes my hair shiny and smooth without adding a product to my hair, very easy to handle and thanks to the nylon bristles being longer than the board bristles- I can section my hair into four parts and it glides right through.

The first time I used this brush was on the video- I felt like I needed to untangle my hair with another brush because my hair was such a hot mess. On the website of this particular company it does say to get those tangles out first! I can say that when I used it- I didn't encounter new tangles and that is due to the nylon bristles.

Very, very, very important! Use this on DRY HAIR! Your hair is much more likely to break or have damage when it is brushed wet. Dry-not so much. Once your hair is dry and NOT tangled- you can use this brush from the roots-down. In the video I didn't do that- but after reading the company website-it makes sense. The whole purpose of brushing/combing from bottom up-is to prevent breakage. But the purpose of this brush is to spread your natural oils from the roots all over.

I highly recommend this product! Very pleased!!


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