Thursday, February 2, 2017

SEPHORA COLLECTION Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes

4/5**** Four stars only because I use them SO much-I wish they came with more!!! FOR REAL!

I mention this in the video: 

This is what I am reviewing in the video:

This is what is selling on amazon. SAME product-different packaging. Both contain 6 wipes. BUT THEY NEED MORE! 

I like these similar products being sold: 

These wipes truly are a part of my daily routine. And I freak when I run out. Yes- I'm placing ads up- but I only put ads up that I think are really worth it. I LOVE THESE WIPES! The rubber ones help- but don't completely clean them! 

My brush looked like the one on the right (I haven't cleaned them in  LONG time! SHAME ON ME). The left one took two wipes. I probably should have used the conditioner because it was so gross!! But now look how clean it is!

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