Saturday, November 19, 2016

More on Raw Generation

A written Opinion on Raw Generation

5/5 Stars!

I last posted 10/25. I have now lost 13.5 pounds without exercise. (Can you imagine if I was exercising?!) Read on to find out how I am doing it. I am NOT getting any compensation for this what-so-ever. MY OPINION!

Of course the day I want to use my camera for a video it breaks! Ugh! 

Raw Generation. Wow. Where do I start? MOST IMPORTANT to me when it comes to a product like this. That is where I shall start.

Customer Service: I have spoken with the same person on the phone multiple times. The reason for the multiple calls was simply that I moved and computers don't like it when you move. It confuses them. She was patient with me during every conversation. I want to say her name is Amanda-but not 100% on that. After multiple conversations, I discovered she was a genuine person who was really trying to help me. 

As I have said before, my good friend runs a similar business (different product line) from home. HE is also the type of person that really cares about his customers. He has given customers products AT cost because they are Veterans. He does everything in his power to help his customers. (Granted-there are a few nuts out there-but he still remains patient.)

I am currently trying to lose weight. But guess what?!?!? I can't exercise! WHAT?!?!?! YUP! I have grade iv chondromalacia medial femoral condyle along with a cyst that is growing up in there. YAY. I can play the wii sitting down. If I play it longer than 10 minutes- my knee starts to swell. If I walk too much-swelling, if I swim in the pool-swelling. Oh and I won't even go into the pain. 

I know losing weight is going to treat this condition tremendously well. After watching numerous Documentaries (Food .inc, FRESH, Food Matters, etc) I discovered I was getting fake food. I decided to make a major lifestyle change. No more fast food, no more energy drinks, no more fat free, sugar free WHATEVER crap. IT IS FAKE. I will admit-I'm stuck on cheese and I will limit myself to one cookie a day. If I completely change-I will be unhappy. I want my OREO! But I don't need to eat ten. 

This is where RAW GENERATION comes in. They do ALL the juicing for me and it is delivered to my door. Period. So I do the 3 day skinny cleanse and the 3 day protein cleanse once a month. I also LOVE the tea-so I drink that in between. Dry ice is all it takes to get fresh REAL RAW juice to your door. Six juices a day for three days. The first time I tried it, I thought I was going to DIE on the second day-but I powered through-nibbled on some veggies and kept repeating, "Mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter" over and over anytime I craved something unhealthy. I'm on my fourth cleanse now-and I am actually finding it hard to drink all six in a day! And I don't have to go shopping for pounds of raw veggies and fruit daily. Phew!

In between cleanses- I eat foods that can basically be be picked or killed. NO WHEAT. NO RICE. YES to MEAT VEGGIES and SOME fruit. Oh-and no alcohol! (Yea-trust me-I HEAR you. Pure Agave Tequila is the way to go if you want a drink). So, massive salads (antipasto-eek! It does have cheese), Baked chicken. Grilled Chicken. Cod soaked in fresh pineapple juice then cooked with veggies, Asian dishes with amazing spices. I could go on forever. I would say it is LIKE paleo- but guess what?! It isn't! It is a lifestyle change. I try to stay as raw and natural as I can. If humans made it-I avoid it. I'm basically losing an average of a little over two pounds a week. WITHOUT EXERCISE. 

Using Raw Generation has been a huge motivating factor in this life style change. And I feel refreshed when the cleanse is finished. My skin looks clearer and brighter. It is easier to wake up. I have energy-thank goodness for Wii. Not sure what I would do. 

I highly recommend you at least try it. Just TRY it! post......I'm losing my boobs! What now??!!